Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spring Caterpillar

This was our afternoon craft. It is pretty self explanatory. I let Busy do pretty much everything after I cut out the circles. I cut out circles (after tracing a lid) using different color construction paper. I put a circle on the carpet and demonstrated how to poke the pipe cleaner in to the center of the circle. The carpet makes it easy for little hands to poke the pipe cleaner through without having to hold the circle. She did the rest of the circles on her own. String more circles for a longer caterpillar and fewer for a shorter one. Cut the ends of the pipe cleaner and bend to keep the circles from sliding off. Glue or draw on eyes and a mouth and PRESTO! You have a spring caterpillar. This one is Sydney. (fyi-poking the pipe cleaners through the construction paper afterwards was just as much fun as actually making the craft :) 
Materials: pipe cleaner, construction paper, google eyes, scissors, glue and pencil or pen.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Art Projects

We LOVE art projects!!! Anything from simple finger painting to macaroni art, we will try it all. The latest masterpiece was created this morning by Busy all by herself :) I cut the head and arm holes but she had complete artistic license. She calls it "robot."
Paper bag, scissors, glue and art scraps (i.e., whatever will glue onto the paper bag)

Friday, February 17, 2012

What goes around, comes around.

So I know all moms have this same thought about their kids: "This is my favorite age/stage!" Then the next developmental stage come around and it's "No, this is my favorite stage!" It goes like that at every turn. Looking back, I have to admit that my actual favorite stage was around 14 months old. Busy could walk, talk and communicate all of her feelings very well. Everything she experienced was new and she loved every second of every day!

With that said, we were getting Beans ready for his morning nap when she pulled a book off his shelf to read to him. She yelled "LOOK! I loved this book when I was little!" (She is 2 and a half now :) She is right. She LOVED the book. I got it when she was 14 months old right before we went to California that summer. We read it every night and before nap. She would walk around reciting some of it in her "little language" as we called it. So, we read it to the baby, put him down and she carried it out the door with her :) She took it to her room and we read it al least 5 times today. I love how she remembers it and loves it still, but on another level.

He's getting so big

The Beans is now 11 weeks old and I can hardly believe it! He is SO much fun to be around and to play with! He loves his reflection in the mirror and playing peek-a-boo. He can hold his head up pretty well, too. The use of the Bumbo is in sight :) He weighs almost 12 pounds (50%) and is in the 75% in length/height. One thing's for sure, I do not produce short babies.

He's a keeper and Busy says "he's so handsome!"

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's Science...

Last night Busy and I decided to do a little science experiment. They have been talking about snow in school for the last few weeks and they finally got to see real snow the other day! On the way home yesterday she was telling me that it only snows when it is really cold. Continuing the cold discussion, I then attempted to explain freezing when I decided to show her instead. So last night before bed we filled a glass bowl with water and put it outside. I asked her what she thought would happen to the water in the cold. Her response was "I think the birds are going to drink it!" Trying not to laugh out loud I told her that was a great prediction and that we would have to wait until morning to find out.

Skip ahead to morning, and she takes her daddy out to check on the bowl. He brings it in and asks her what happened. She says "the water froze to ice!" Daddy says "You're right! It's science!" to which she responds "no... it's ice."  :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

In preparation for holidays we like to decorate. For Valentines Day we made these super cute hanging hearts. I got the idea from Pinterest (to which I am addicted). Busy helped me shave different color crayons onto wax paper. We folded the paper, covering the shavings, then folded the sides up to contain the shavings. Then put the wax paper between craft paper (we used an old t-shirt) on the ironing board. Iron on low until the crayon shavings are melted. Then we cut out heart shapes. Hang them in the window so the light can shine through, and Voila! 

Clean Painting

Painting is one of our FAVORITE things to do in our house. We will paint on and with a variety of things. This is our latest project: clean painting! I used to do this in my classroom because it is far easier to monitor 25 seven year olds if the paint is contained in a plastic bag :) All you need is paint and a gallon Zip Lock bag. You can put a single color in a bag or let them experiment with mixing colors in the same bag. It looks really cool and feels really cool, too. Busy had fun with it!

But let's be honest...
There's nothing like messy painting!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

These are my kids (and me) and the inspiration for this blog. My daughter is my sweet, smart, funny and crazy 2 and a half year old. Since she could scoot/crawl she has been on the go and into everything. She got the nickname "Busy" very early and it fits her still. Even while watching tv, she is multi-tasking. Did I mention that she is two and a half. Okay, enough said.

The little guy is my son. He is my sanity in the midst of raising a two year old redhead :) He is calm, easy going and well, just perfect. "Beans" got his nickname the night he was born. It just fit for no reason at the time. Over the next couple of days he owned the name quite nicely. His daddy said he had string beans for legs, and to be quite honest, the little man pooties like he ate a can of beans for every meal. He is 10 weeks old now and apparently loves three things: kicking his legs, nighttime sleep and his sister. He watches her every move and lights up when he hears her voice. It melts my heart. The only thing as sweet as his love for her is her love for him. The thought of the two of them growing up together reminds me of my brother and me. We have always had a special relationship that our mom says started the day he was born. That exact same relationship is growing in my own kids and it makes me smile :)

So that's it. Now you know Busy and the Beans. Stay tuned...

I'm new at this whole blogging thing, but thought I'd give it a try. I wanted a place to put down in writing all of the fabulously funny, cute, smart and crazy things the loves of my life say and do. I figure this way, unless I forget my password, I can't lose what I write. And I always seem to have my phone or computer on hand to make a post when I rarely have a pen in my purse anymore (ink has become hazardous with a two year old).

So off we go. This is more for me (and eventually my kids) than anyone else so bear with me. This is what's happening in the lives of Busy and the Beans.....