Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spring Caterpillar

This was our afternoon craft. It is pretty self explanatory. I let Busy do pretty much everything after I cut out the circles. I cut out circles (after tracing a lid) using different color construction paper. I put a circle on the carpet and demonstrated how to poke the pipe cleaner in to the center of the circle. The carpet makes it easy for little hands to poke the pipe cleaner through without having to hold the circle. She did the rest of the circles on her own. String more circles for a longer caterpillar and fewer for a shorter one. Cut the ends of the pipe cleaner and bend to keep the circles from sliding off. Glue or draw on eyes and a mouth and PRESTO! You have a spring caterpillar. This one is Sydney. (fyi-poking the pipe cleaners through the construction paper afterwards was just as much fun as actually making the craft :) 
Materials: pipe cleaner, construction paper, google eyes, scissors, glue and pencil or pen.

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