Tuesday, February 7, 2012

These are my kids (and me) and the inspiration for this blog. My daughter is my sweet, smart, funny and crazy 2 and a half year old. Since she could scoot/crawl she has been on the go and into everything. She got the nickname "Busy" very early and it fits her still. Even while watching tv, she is multi-tasking. Did I mention that she is two and a half. Okay, enough said.

The little guy is my son. He is my sanity in the midst of raising a two year old redhead :) He is calm, easy going and well, just perfect. "Beans" got his nickname the night he was born. It just fit for no reason at the time. Over the next couple of days he owned the name quite nicely. His daddy said he had string beans for legs, and to be quite honest, the little man pooties like he ate a can of beans for every meal. He is 10 weeks old now and apparently loves three things: kicking his legs, nighttime sleep and his sister. He watches her every move and lights up when he hears her voice. It melts my heart. The only thing as sweet as his love for her is her love for him. The thought of the two of them growing up together reminds me of my brother and me. We have always had a special relationship that our mom says started the day he was born. That exact same relationship is growing in my own kids and it makes me smile :)

So that's it. Now you know Busy and the Beans. Stay tuned...

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