Friday, February 17, 2012

What goes around, comes around.

So I know all moms have this same thought about their kids: "This is my favorite age/stage!" Then the next developmental stage come around and it's "No, this is my favorite stage!" It goes like that at every turn. Looking back, I have to admit that my actual favorite stage was around 14 months old. Busy could walk, talk and communicate all of her feelings very well. Everything she experienced was new and she loved every second of every day!

With that said, we were getting Beans ready for his morning nap when she pulled a book off his shelf to read to him. She yelled "LOOK! I loved this book when I was little!" (She is 2 and a half now :) She is right. She LOVED the book. I got it when she was 14 months old right before we went to California that summer. We read it every night and before nap. She would walk around reciting some of it in her "little language" as we called it. So, we read it to the baby, put him down and she carried it out the door with her :) She took it to her room and we read it al least 5 times today. I love how she remembers it and loves it still, but on another level.

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