Thursday, March 1, 2012

Crib Mobile

So, I am new to and now addicted to Pinterest. I was looking though some ideas for kids rooms when I stumbled upon an adorable DIY crib mobile. I am NOT Susie Sews A Lot, but this one was completely sewing-free. I figured I would give it a try. None of the crib mobiles you can buy that attach to the crib fit our crib so Busy didn't have one. This one hangs from the ceiling! So, I bought the materials for about $20 and got started. This is how you do it:
Materials: fabric, iron on adhesive, paint, pen and circle for tracing, iron, hot glue gun, split ring, (like what your car keys are on), ribbon, string and embroidery hoop (discard the part with the screw)

1. Paint the hoop and set it aside to dry.

2. Trace circles onto the adhesive and onto the fabric. You will need twice as many fabric circles as adhesive circles unless you use one sided adhesive in which case you will need equal amounts of each. I used 6 strands with 4 circles on 3 and 3 on the other 3

3. Cut out all circles and arrange them how you want them on the mobile sandwiching the thread in between the circles and iron them together. Leave enough room at the top of the thread to connect to the loop.

4. Tie the thread onto the loop alternating between a thread with 4 circles and 3 circles. I hot glued the thread to the hoop on the inside to secure it in place.

5. Measure out 3 strands of the ribbon for as long or short as you want the mobile to hang. Loop it, string it through the split ring and hot glue or sew the ends together. Then measure one more strand of ribbon and attach it the same way to the split ring. This one will hang from the ceiling.

<---- This is what it looks like when it's finished! Yay for me!

*Some foot notes - I got this idea from but tweaked it to fit what I thought I could handle (remember I said I don't sew). I also used ribbon to hang the mobile from the ceiling where Jaime used beads on wire (again, too much for me).

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