Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring is in the Air

It's spring! And in this house that means it's bird feeder time. Instead of making the usual pine cone feeder, we decided to get a little more creative. This is easy and prettier to look at, too. You need half of an orange, peanut butter, bird seed, string and a tree branch to hang the feeder. I cut the orange in half and scraped out the inside to make the half hollow. Then poke two holes on each side of the orange and tie the string through each hole. Mix the peanut butter with bird seed. You just want enough peanut butter to hold the seed together. This is so the seed doesn't fall out of the orange when you hang it in the tree. Put the pb and seed mix in the orange and hang it on a branch for the birds. We put ours on the tree right outside of Busy's bedroom window so she can watch the birds eat :)
FYI: the birds never got a turn to try the "bird" feeder. The squirrels got there first. But none the less, it was thoroughly enjoyed! 
the peanut butter made a good snack after working so hard.

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