Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Background Video

This started out as me trying to get a cute video of the Beans trying to crawl (backwards). Busy is on the potty in the next room and the video took a funny turn :) 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!!!

For Memorial Day this year we went to a friend's house for food, drinks and fun! I packed the diaper bag for the Beans and for a reason we had yet to realize, Busy insisted on taking her microphone. We walked in the front door and Busy was giving high fives for the occasion and the host said "Welcome to the party!" Busy then asked the host if this was a dance party! He led her into the kitchen where the music was playing and she got her groove on. The rest of night was so much fun. The kids were playing in the backyard together while the adults gathered on the deck. It started out a little hot, but not unbearable and the food, drinks and company was fabulous. Right before we left, Busy grabbed a flag from the planter and gave a little wave for patriatism :) Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

How time flies...

9 months ago I dropped Busy off for her first day of school. Today I dropped her off for her last, and I cried just like I did on the first day. Not because I'm sad, but because I simply cannot believe how incredibly fast time is passing me by. She has grown so much in the past 9 months and I am amazed by her everything, every day. I am terrified that I will wake up tomorrow and she will be my age and I will be left wondering where it all went and wishing that I were here again just 9 months later. So here's to taking a step back, taking it all in and having no regrets. I love this life :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quotes of a Lifetime

I realized today that I find myself laughing what seems like every 10 seconds at what comes out of my daughter's mouth. Now, don't get me wrong, in between the laughing I am probably cussing because my hilarious child is equally as strong willed and challenging. With that being said, I decided to keep a running tab of "isms" that Busy says that either crack me up, make me mad or just get me thinking :)

1. We were running late to school the other day and we were getting stopped at EVERY red light. By red light number 3 I threw up my arms and let out an exasperated sigh and verbal "aaarrgghh!" Busy asked why I was frustrated and I told her because we were getting stopped at every light and running late to which she replied "Don't grumble about what you can't change, Mommy. We will get there when we get there." WOW that kid is amazing! (and it's good to know that she is actually getting the important lessons I try to teach her :) I thanked her and cranked up the music. So we get to school a little late. If that's the worst thing that happened that day, we were having a pretty great day.

2. "I like it when Daddy takes me to school. He doesn't ask me so many questions." My bad.

3. Mo taught Busy the words to the song 'Anna Mae.' Instead of singing "Anna Mae, with legs like toothpicks and a neck like a giraffe," she sings "Anna Mae, that tastes like toothpicks!" HEHE. I'm not going to lie, I let her sing it that way for a while. I though it was pretty cute :)

4. "I think I discovered something when we made dinner tonight. I like cilandro (cilantro) but I really don't like the taste of garlic. That stuff makes me spit."

Friday, May 18, 2012

Flowers for the Not So Green Thumb

Our latest art project was making spring flowers for the family table. I like fresh flowers on the table. They are pretty, they smell nice and they make me smile. With that being said, they don't last forever and I can never manage to remember to change the water daily to make them last longer. I mean, really? My dining room is right next to the kitchen and I still can't remember to walk the 12 feet from the sink to the table to change the water!

This looks like a wet mess, but this
amount of water was perfect for
a good effect once dried.
Anyway, I set out some round coffee filters on a kitchen towel and some bowls of colored water with a dropper and showed Busy how to squeeze just a little water in the dropper then squeeze the water onto the coffee filter. The first one was a wet mess of poo colored water and the next one was only a little better. After those, she began to figure out how to get less water in the dropper and that if she didn't layer the colors, the filter would look "prettier." We set the wet filters aside to dry and began cutting and glueing the leaves on to wooden grilling sticks (with the pointy tips cut off). Once the filters were dry, I poked a hold in the middle and twisted it around the stick then taped it. Now I don't need fresh flowers on the table. These are perfect!
I was signing a check about a month ago and Busy asked what I was doing. I told her that I was paying a bill and when you used a check you had to sign your name at the bottom so the people your were paying could take the check to the bank and get their money. She said that she wanted to sign her name on a check too. I tried to give her some plain paper to which she replied "That is regular paper. I need check paper." Not wanting to give her one of my real checks, I tore a piece of paper from a magazine and handed it to her. "Oh, yes. This is perfect check paper for kids." She looked at the paper for a minute with a pen in her hand then looked up at me and said "Actually, I don't know how to write my name." So, I wrote it at the top and she copied it. I was actually very impressed :) She amazes me sometimes... okay, all the time. When she finished, she gave me the paper and told me "Now you take it to the bank and get your money. And don't forget to get my sucker from the man in the window!"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5 months old... and growing.

I can't believe that 5 months has already passed since giving birth to the cutest little boy in the world. I am amazed daily by how much he is learning and what he is doing. I love to see him working out how to make a toy move or make noise and I love our "conversations" about everything and nothing. I love watching him sleep and his smell is intoxicating. He's perfect. I can't wait to see him continue to grow...just not too fast.
He is now pulling his knees up while on his elbows. Crawling is in his near future I think.