Friday, May 18, 2012

Flowers for the Not So Green Thumb

Our latest art project was making spring flowers for the family table. I like fresh flowers on the table. They are pretty, they smell nice and they make me smile. With that being said, they don't last forever and I can never manage to remember to change the water daily to make them last longer. I mean, really? My dining room is right next to the kitchen and I still can't remember to walk the 12 feet from the sink to the table to change the water!

This looks like a wet mess, but this
amount of water was perfect for
a good effect once dried.
Anyway, I set out some round coffee filters on a kitchen towel and some bowls of colored water with a dropper and showed Busy how to squeeze just a little water in the dropper then squeeze the water onto the coffee filter. The first one was a wet mess of poo colored water and the next one was only a little better. After those, she began to figure out how to get less water in the dropper and that if she didn't layer the colors, the filter would look "prettier." We set the wet filters aside to dry and began cutting and glueing the leaves on to wooden grilling sticks (with the pointy tips cut off). Once the filters were dry, I poked a hold in the middle and twisted it around the stick then taped it. Now I don't need fresh flowers on the table. These are perfect!

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