Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!!!

For Memorial Day this year we went to a friend's house for food, drinks and fun! I packed the diaper bag for the Beans and for a reason we had yet to realize, Busy insisted on taking her microphone. We walked in the front door and Busy was giving high fives for the occasion and the host said "Welcome to the party!" Busy then asked the host if this was a dance party! He led her into the kitchen where the music was playing and she got her groove on. The rest of night was so much fun. The kids were playing in the backyard together while the adults gathered on the deck. It started out a little hot, but not unbearable and the food, drinks and company was fabulous. Right before we left, Busy grabbed a flag from the planter and gave a little wave for patriatism :) Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!

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