Friday, May 18, 2012

I was signing a check about a month ago and Busy asked what I was doing. I told her that I was paying a bill and when you used a check you had to sign your name at the bottom so the people your were paying could take the check to the bank and get their money. She said that she wanted to sign her name on a check too. I tried to give her some plain paper to which she replied "That is regular paper. I need check paper." Not wanting to give her one of my real checks, I tore a piece of paper from a magazine and handed it to her. "Oh, yes. This is perfect check paper for kids." She looked at the paper for a minute with a pen in her hand then looked up at me and said "Actually, I don't know how to write my name." So, I wrote it at the top and she copied it. I was actually very impressed :) She amazes me sometimes... okay, all the time. When she finished, she gave me the paper and told me "Now you take it to the bank and get your money. And don't forget to get my sucker from the man in the window!"

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