Monday, July 30, 2012

Busy's New Book Nook

A few weeks ago I made Busy a book nook in her room next to her book shelves at the foot of her bed. She set up her book box, toy box, cozy rug and reading chair in the corner. She is a firm believer in privacy (but has no regards for personal space,) so her newest request was a door for her book nook so she could "read in private." When I told her she could just shut the door to her bedroom, she said "that won't work because I need to hear all over the rest of the house in case Beansie calls for me." :)

The solution: a shower curtain! I bought a cheap shower curtain rod at Bed Bath and Beyond and let her pick out a shower curtain (I pre-picked 2 and let her make the final decision.) I had some hanger clamps that were left over from window treatments I hung a while ago. I folder the shower curtain in half, attached the clamps, hung it from the rod and hung the rod between her bed and the wall. Voila! A privacy "door."

She loves it and as soon as I installed it she sat in her reading chair and read books for 20 minutes! It makes a great "house" as well.

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