Saturday, July 21, 2012

Instagram and PicFrame

So I am now obsessed with Instagram. I think it is the coolest app! I find myself lost in time trying to pick which style of photo I want my original picture to look like. One of my favorites is the one that make your picture look old and a little faded like this one of Busy and Bentley.

I also like playing with the app PicFrame. You can put pictures side by side to compare or choose a frame with 4 squares to show a sequence of adorable pictures like this one of my adorable niece. (I call her Peaches :)

I have added a tab at the top of my blog in case you want to follow me on Instagram (and one for if you want to do the same on Pinterest). You certainly don't have to, but I must say, some of the pictures are super cute :)

1 comment:

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