Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mini Me

I have now posted this on Instagram, Facebook and now here simply because I cannot get over it! My mom has told me for a while now that I am raising a mini me. She even has a to take a step back sometimes and blink because she says she is having deja vu when playing with Busy. But I think this picture takes the cake! I came down stairs after putting the Beans down for a nap and found her in her new book nook with Baby Doll singing 'Rock-A-Bye Baby.' I was immediately reminded of a picture of me. Luckily I had my phone and snapped a picture. Now, look at this...
The picture of me on the left was taken in November of 1982. I was almost 3 and a half. The one of Busy on the right was taken today (July 31, 2012). She turned 3 last month (June 4). CRAZY!!!

1 comment:

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