Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some Science Experiments

Busy and I were, well, busy this morning with a little bit of science. We started off with a lesson in magnetism. We cut pipe cleaners in small pieces and put them in an empty water bottle. As we were cutting I asked her if she thought the pipe cleaners would be magnetic. She said "they are fuzzy, not hard, so they are not magnetic." Once the pieces were cut and in the bottle, I hander her a small refrigerator magnetic and told her to start experimenting. I left it open ended for her to explore on her own. She stuck the magnet to the bottle and started to try and move the pieces of pipe cleaners through the plastic. Her face lit up as she discovered that they were magnetic after all! 

Volcano This was her favorite! All you need is clear cup, and shallow bowl, about a 1/4 of a cup of baking soda, food coloring and a splash of vinegar. We put the baking soda and food coloring in the cup and the cup in the bowl to catch the "lava." Pour a splash of vinegar in to the cup and watch it bubble up and spill over! You can do this over and over again until all of the baking soda has reacted. We probable did it about 15 times :)

Lava Lamp The last experiment was one that we have done before, but it was so much fun that we did it again. All you need is another water bottle, water, cooking oil, food coloring and Alka seltzer tablets. Fill the water bottle about a third of the way full then add food coloring. Then fill the bottle the rest of the way with oil. Break the seltzer tablet into fourths and drop the pieces in one by one and watch the colored bubbles rise in the oil. This one is Daddy's favorite :)

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