Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week in Review - The First Installment

So I have decided to do a 'Week in Review' post (hopefully) every Sunday. This way all who are interested can see what went on in our lives that week by way of pictures, nothing fancy.

First ballet class
Playing in sister's room.
Fun at the park with our friend, Anna.

They made some "water dinner" while I made spaghetti


It was Busy's first day of school, "Yay, school!"

some watermelon at the pool

A Friday night football game :)

*Thanks to portofthoughts for this idea (via Foto Reel Friday)

My New Favorite Apps

Artkive - For as long as my daughter has been able to pick up a crayon, I have been hanging her artwork on display in our house. It started on the fridge and she now has her own ark gallery on the wall outside of her room. I have been taking pictures for a while now of Busy's artwork and archiving them so that one day I would do this. I had envisioned hanging various collections in the playroom one day. Then the Artkive app came along. This app makes it SO easy to photograph a drawing, sculpture or project and keep in on file to either print or turn into a book! The developers are working on that part right now, but how great is that? I can use all of pictures of her creations and put them in the pages of her very own book!!! Genius! I will be using this one often :)

This next app is called Ease into 5K. I don't necessarily have the urge to actually run a 5K, but my neighbor actually turned me onto this one. It is basically for people like me who need to ease into the running process after baby (okay, so he's almost 9 months old. Whatever.) This app lets me listen to my running playlist from iTunes and at various intervals chimes in to tell you to "run" or "walk" or "you are half way there!" For an extra buck you can get the version with GPS, which I would recommend, so that at the end of your time you can see on a google map where you ran, what your average pace was, and how many calories you burned (although you have to enter your weight to get the calorie count). I completed my first run tonight and it highly suggests that you do a day on/day off approach. I really love this app because it is pretty fool proof and makes me feel some sort of accomplishment :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

For the most part this sweet sign that my best friend gave me when the beans was born has worked beautifully! UPS, FedEx, Jimmy Johns and others have been very respectful when coming to the door., someone selling stuff that I don't need came to the door in the middle of morning nap time. With total disregard of the sign proceeded to BANG on the front door which set off a domino effect of events. The BANG, Bentley barking, me jumping, me whisper shouting at the dog and finally my not so subtle checking of the sign to make sure it was hanging the right way. Yep. Sign in place. The man (who has now surely wet his pants) just "didn't see it." If not before, is now actually terrified of dogs (and stay at home moms I'm sure) and probably went home to rethink his career choice. To the man, I'm sorry we scared the bejesus out of you, but seriously dude, read before you BANG! And you're lucky we're down to just one dog ;)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Zip Line

If you read this blog on a somewhat regular basis or have at least looked through the posts, you are well aware that I love making things with my daughter. We love art projects and science experiments, and are always looking for a learning experience in any adventure. There is a project pack called Kiwi Crate that is delivered to your door that is an all supplies inclusive, hands on activity box complete with a theme. We don't get a Kiwi Crate but a few of our friends do. We were at Wip's house a few days ago and the latest crate was a do-it-yourself zip line! It was so cute that I borrowed, okay stole, the idea. Their's was a colorful bug of some sort, ours was not. For those of you who want make a zip line too, this is what you need:
plastic bottle, tape, a straw (cut to size), stickers and plastic craft lacing. 

Tape the straw to the top of the bottle then decorate the bottle with any kind of stickers. The Kiwi Crate had 1x1 inch square transparent stickers but we just used animal stickers that Busy picked from the 1 million sticker books that we have. String the lacing through the straw and tie both ends to something sturdy. We tied ours to the window lock and taped the other end to the top of the TV stand. Just make sure that one end it higher than the other so when you let go of the bottle, it will move. Busy played with the zip line for a good 20 minutes, taking the taped end and placing it on various surfaces at different height levels to experiment. To make it more interesting, or for older kids, you could also use yarn and other materials as the line to experiment with friction.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Another Ocean

Today is Thursday - "three year old Thursday." That means that my three year old gets to pick the art project that we do. Not that I don't let her pick activities on any other day, but usually I let her pick from a list of projects. On Thursdays, she gets to pick WHATEVER project she wants to do. Without fail she will pick an activity that involves gluing of some sort. She is completely over the glue sticks and has moved on to white glue, and more recently, clear liquid glue (which is basically the same thing as white glue but "cooler"). Today she wanted to make another ocean. We got out the construction paper, art bucket, painter's tape, hole punch, dental floss and glue of course. I drew various ocean animals on the paper and she helped me cut them out. We then decorated all of the animals with things in the art bucket.

 *Side note - an art bucket contains things like googalie eyes, pipe cleaners, streamers, fabric scraps, pom poms, stickers, confetti and other random little things that can be used on paper (or other surface) independently. Things like glitter and toothpicks are kept in the "adult art supplies" box. These things are okay to use but with an adult, because glitter in the carpet or toothpicks in the eyes aren't on my list of things to handle today. 

Once the glue had dried, we punched holes in the animals and tied them to dental floss which we then hung from the ceiling with blue painter's tape. Once everything was hanging, she decided that we needed other ocean things. When I asked her what other things we needed she said "coral, sand, rocks, bubbles and an angler fish, of course!" Well, of course we need an angler fish! What hallway ocean doesn't have a creepy, giant toothed fish with a dangling light to catch dinner?! Thanks, "Finding Nemo."

So it looks like we will be tackling round two of "three year old Thursday's" ocean activity so stay don't want to miss out on the angler fish :)


This was difficult to photograph 

Swimming through the ocean (with goggles, of course)

Big Kids Field Trip

So we left the babies with sitters and took a field trip to Columbus, IN for some big kid fun! We went with two of Busy's best friends and we all had a blast! We started at Kids Commons, which was so much fun and only $12 for the both of us. We then headed across the street to an AWESOME indoor playground complete with a pirate ship looking floor to ceiling maze. After the playground it was time to head for the outlet mall (or the mom's playground, if you will)! We hit Crew Cuts and the ice cream store, which let's be honest was for us and them :)

We had such a great time that I am already planning in my mind to do it all again in the spring!

Woo Hoo!

Pirate Ship Maze-like thing

She couldn't stand up for 5 minutes after this!

Ice Cream (and a pirate telescope)

It was an exhausting day :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I was putting clothes in the dryer when I heard Beansie on the monitor. By the time I got upstairs to get him, this is what I found...


My Little Model

My kids are cute but I'm biased. Except that on a daily basis someone, somewhere stops me to tell me that very thing. My son is adorable and my daughter is, well, beautiful. She has a unique look with deep red curly hair, brown almond shaped eyes and a hint of brown skin with a few freckles on her nose :) Some people tell me to my face, some people tell her and some even whisper amongst themselves. To all of the people who have told me that she needs to be in magazines, she finally got her chance. Animal Crackers, a local children's boutique, asked if she could "model" some of the clothes for fall for their Facebook page. She had so much fun and wanted to keep everything...Daddy said no. She really is special. And because I don't usually brag about her beauty, I thought this one time would be okay :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Calming Jar

Busy is a very busy 3 year old and often her emotions run high. We say she has a case of the really's. She gets really excited, really frustrated, really sad and really any other emotion. I saw this calming jar idea here and thought it could really work for her. We made it together while I explained to her that when ever she started to get a case of the really's, she could get the jar, shake it then watch the glitter settle to the bottom. We talked about how doing so would calm her emotions then she could continue to play or rejoin whatever was going on.

So far it seems to be working :)

*We also made a plastic container version which I would suggest for a classroom or for younger hands.

Cork Boards and Bag Hooks

My latest DIY project is something I have been wanting to do for a while. I am constantly looking for various papers in the multiple stacks of clutter that I have around the house. In an effort to start minimizing these piles, I have created an area for Busy and the Beans to hang bags and pin school papers. I picked up my supplies at Joann Fabrics. I cut cork squares to fit into a cheap frame then covered the cork in fabric and hung it one the wall above a bag hook. Now I have a place for papers and bags. That takes care of for the other 400 pieces of paper that need organizing.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

As I type this, I am realizing that I enter posts on this blog like I have a gaggle of followers! In all reality, I think I have 6. Yes, 6. So I guess this post (and all of the other project posts) may not be necessary, but so what. This is for the 6 of you who read these :)

This is the plain ugliness that has been our medicine cabinets for the last 7 years. I don't know if it's from spending too much time on Pinterest or looking through magazines or being in friend's houses, but I have started to come down with a little bit of house envy. There are so many things that I want to do to my house. It won't all happen unless the Pin Oak in my yard starts to drop money instead of annoying acorns, but a girl can dream. So this is what I started with. I then taped the edges of the door, cleaned out the cabinet and washed all surfaces.

I primed the door and the back of the cabinet. Once dry, I painted the back wall of the cabinet to match the color on our bathroom walls. Then I painted the door with two coats of chalkboard paint. Apparently you can't write on the chalkboard for like a week so I'll show that picture later.

I bought some wire desk organization baskets and spray painted them white. This is what I ended up with, and I quite like it.

So there you have it. The 6 of you may now be inspired :)