Friday, August 17, 2012

Another Ocean

Today is Thursday - "three year old Thursday." That means that my three year old gets to pick the art project that we do. Not that I don't let her pick activities on any other day, but usually I let her pick from a list of projects. On Thursdays, she gets to pick WHATEVER project she wants to do. Without fail she will pick an activity that involves gluing of some sort. She is completely over the glue sticks and has moved on to white glue, and more recently, clear liquid glue (which is basically the same thing as white glue but "cooler"). Today she wanted to make another ocean. We got out the construction paper, art bucket, painter's tape, hole punch, dental floss and glue of course. I drew various ocean animals on the paper and she helped me cut them out. We then decorated all of the animals with things in the art bucket.

 *Side note - an art bucket contains things like googalie eyes, pipe cleaners, streamers, fabric scraps, pom poms, stickers, confetti and other random little things that can be used on paper (or other surface) independently. Things like glitter and toothpicks are kept in the "adult art supplies" box. These things are okay to use but with an adult, because glitter in the carpet or toothpicks in the eyes aren't on my list of things to handle today. 

Once the glue had dried, we punched holes in the animals and tied them to dental floss which we then hung from the ceiling with blue painter's tape. Once everything was hanging, she decided that we needed other ocean things. When I asked her what other things we needed she said "coral, sand, rocks, bubbles and an angler fish, of course!" Well, of course we need an angler fish! What hallway ocean doesn't have a creepy, giant toothed fish with a dangling light to catch dinner?! Thanks, "Finding Nemo."

So it looks like we will be tackling round two of "three year old Thursday's" ocean activity so stay don't want to miss out on the angler fish :)


This was difficult to photograph 

Swimming through the ocean (with goggles, of course)

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