Friday, August 24, 2012

For the most part this sweet sign that my best friend gave me when the beans was born has worked beautifully! UPS, FedEx, Jimmy Johns and others have been very respectful when coming to the door., someone selling stuff that I don't need came to the door in the middle of morning nap time. With total disregard of the sign proceeded to BANG on the front door which set off a domino effect of events. The BANG, Bentley barking, me jumping, me whisper shouting at the dog and finally my not so subtle checking of the sign to make sure it was hanging the right way. Yep. Sign in place. The man (who has now surely wet his pants) just "didn't see it." If not before, is now actually terrified of dogs (and stay at home moms I'm sure) and probably went home to rethink his career choice. To the man, I'm sorry we scared the bejesus out of you, but seriously dude, read before you BANG! And you're lucky we're down to just one dog ;)

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