Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Little Model

My kids are cute but I'm biased. Except that on a daily basis someone, somewhere stops me to tell me that very thing. My son is adorable and my daughter is, well, beautiful. She has a unique look with deep red curly hair, brown almond shaped eyes and a hint of brown skin with a few freckles on her nose :) Some people tell me to my face, some people tell her and some even whisper amongst themselves. To all of the people who have told me that she needs to be in magazines, she finally got her chance. Animal Crackers, a local children's boutique, asked if she could "model" some of the clothes for fall for their Facebook page. She had so much fun and wanted to keep everything...Daddy said no. She really is special. And because I don't usually brag about her beauty, I thought this one time would be okay :)

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