Sunday, August 26, 2012

My New Favorite Apps

Artkive - For as long as my daughter has been able to pick up a crayon, I have been hanging her artwork on display in our house. It started on the fridge and she now has her own ark gallery on the wall outside of her room. I have been taking pictures for a while now of Busy's artwork and archiving them so that one day I would do this. I had envisioned hanging various collections in the playroom one day. Then the Artkive app came along. This app makes it SO easy to photograph a drawing, sculpture or project and keep in on file to either print or turn into a book! The developers are working on that part right now, but how great is that? I can use all of pictures of her creations and put them in the pages of her very own book!!! Genius! I will be using this one often :)

This next app is called Ease into 5K. I don't necessarily have the urge to actually run a 5K, but my neighbor actually turned me onto this one. It is basically for people like me who need to ease into the running process after baby (okay, so he's almost 9 months old. Whatever.) This app lets me listen to my running playlist from iTunes and at various intervals chimes in to tell you to "run" or "walk" or "you are half way there!" For an extra buck you can get the version with GPS, which I would recommend, so that at the end of your time you can see on a google map where you ran, what your average pace was, and how many calories you burned (although you have to enter your weight to get the calorie count). I completed my first run tonight and it highly suggests that you do a day on/day off approach. I really love this app because it is pretty fool proof and makes me feel some sort of accomplishment :)

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