Thursday, August 23, 2012

Zip Line

If you read this blog on a somewhat regular basis or have at least looked through the posts, you are well aware that I love making things with my daughter. We love art projects and science experiments, and are always looking for a learning experience in any adventure. There is a project pack called Kiwi Crate that is delivered to your door that is an all supplies inclusive, hands on activity box complete with a theme. We don't get a Kiwi Crate but a few of our friends do. We were at Wip's house a few days ago and the latest crate was a do-it-yourself zip line! It was so cute that I borrowed, okay stole, the idea. Their's was a colorful bug of some sort, ours was not. For those of you who want make a zip line too, this is what you need:
plastic bottle, tape, a straw (cut to size), stickers and plastic craft lacing. 

Tape the straw to the top of the bottle then decorate the bottle with any kind of stickers. The Kiwi Crate had 1x1 inch square transparent stickers but we just used animal stickers that Busy picked from the 1 million sticker books that we have. String the lacing through the straw and tie both ends to something sturdy. We tied ours to the window lock and taped the other end to the top of the TV stand. Just make sure that one end it higher than the other so when you let go of the bottle, it will move. Busy played with the zip line for a good 20 minutes, taking the taped end and placing it on various surfaces at different height levels to experiment. To make it more interesting, or for older kids, you could also use yarn and other materials as the line to experiment with friction.

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