Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Ask any Kindergarten/1st grade teacher, September equals apples. Apple snacks, apple books, apple crafts and anything apple themed. We would even take a field trip to Huber's Orchard with our first graders to go apple picking in September! So, today we started our long list of apple activities.

Apple Stamps

For apple stamps you need red paint, an apple, paper, a knife and markers in red and green.
Pour some paint in a shallow dish (I used the lid of a rubbermaid container) and cut the apple in half horizontally so the inside with the seeds makes a star. I had two apples and cut one horizontally and the other vertically to show Busy how cutting on a different line can make a different print.
Dip one apple half in the paint and on a scrap piece of paper stamp the apple to get off the excess paint then stamp the project paper.

Once the paint dries (or not) draw a stem and a leaf on the apples. Then you have your apple bunch. Busy had watched Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS this morning which was about sending someone a letter in the mail can show them you love them, so she wanted to mail her apple picture to daddy. So she told me what to write and she signed her "P" in the middle of the first apple star and we put it in the mail today! Now the trick will be getting her to keep quiet about his surprise until he gets it :)

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