Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fun with Play-Doh

It's a classic. It has a distinct smell. You can now get it in just about every color and you can make anything your imagination can cook up. It's Play-Doh! And in our house the play-doh is on the kitchen art table where Busy can get to it without any help. She knows the rules: 1. keep it on the mat. 2. keep it off the floor. 3. keep the colors separated (don't mix). We have worked on these rules since day one and she can now handle playing independently with it :)

Today we made some fun things! I would make something and Busy watched closely. Then she made the same thing all by herself. She was quite proud of herself, as she should be! She did a great job! This is what we made.
Rain Forest Bird
Ice Cream Cones (with sprinkles, of course)
Bacon and Eggs

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