Friday, September 14, 2012

Infant Activities

As you may or may not know, I have a busy 3 year old. Don't misunderstand, we do have down time, but so far she loves all of the extra curricular activities that she does and at home we are most of the time busy doing art projects, science experiments, reading activities, playing on the swing set, walking around the neighborhood, playing dress up, playing in the doll house, pretending we are just about anything and having fun making big messes! People say to me all of the time that it looks like we have a great time together, and we do!!! A lot of the activities that I do with Busy are well documented in this blog.

Recently people have been asking me more about what I do with my 9 month old. So I think it's his turn to be the star of the show. We have been doing some of these things for a while and have adjusted them as he has grown, and some are newer. Some are from my own brain and some are from other mom blogs and websites and I will always give credit where credit is due. (This is a great blog! and where I get a lot of ideas). Over the past week or so I have been taking pictures of what we do to have fun -- baby style.

1. Water Play - We do this two or three times a week usually when I am making dinner. I put a towel on the floor and give him a spoon, bowl, rubber ducky or anything small that can get a little (or a lot) wet. Fill a cup or bowl with water and let the fun begin.
2. Sticky Stuff - I used to do this in my classroom when I was teaching. It was a fun and different way for kids to get a turn at speaking in a group. You cover a tennis ball in masking tape inside out. In other words, wrap tape around a ball with the sticky side out. You can roll it, toss it or stick it to things. *Note: in order for the ball to stick to things and stay, you have to use a lighter ball like a ping pong ball. Just make sure you supervise closely so the smaller ball doesn't end up in the mouth. 
He still thinks the sticky is icky :)
3. Sensory Cartons - For this one you want to make sure you keep an eye on everything and everyone because the objects can become unglued if you have determined little hands like my Beansie has. Using an egg carton, glue objects in the valleys. I used things like fuzzy pom poms, a penny,  google eyes, sponges, curled up pipe cleaners, and other things with various textures and colors. Once the glue has dried completely (give it a day or two) sit with them and let them explore all of the different objects with their hands explaining to them what they are feeling. Ask him questions about what he feels or sees.

4. Magazine Mess - This one is pretty self explanatory. After I am finished with a magazine, I give it to the Beans. He likes to tear it, crumple it, push it around on the hard wood floors and eat it (although he has made great progress learning not to put certain things in his mouth - like paper). 

5. Mountain Climbing - For this one I put the couch pillows and the floor and lay down there with them. Beansie likes to climb over the pillows and all over me. There really isn't much to it. Just good ole physical activity. 

6. Color Blocking - I pull out all of the legos in one color and make things or stack them. Talk to him about the color and what things are that color. 

7. Pudding Painting - This one is MESSY!!!! And so yummy :) The first time I did this was with Busy at play group when she was about 12 months old. I actually did this today with Beans for the first time. I put him in his high chair (sans clothes) and put glops of pudding on his tray. I let him push it around with his fingers and hands, stir it with a spoon and lick it with his tongue! He had a blast and Busy enjoyed it too. 

He thought is was hilarious!

Pudding painting with Busy (2010)

I promise to post more of what we do - baby style :)

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