Monday, September 24, 2012

More Apple Activities

We have been busy making more apples (I think it's time to move on to pumpkins). Here are a few activities that we did last week.

Hanging Apples

We love to display themed art projects by hanging them in the front window. For the apples, I drew the apple on a piece of white or red paper and had Busy help me cut them out. We then cut out stems and leaves and colored the white apples green (and purple?) We have a string hanging across the window that I leave up and we hung the apples with paper clips. Easy as (apple) pie!

Apples in a Basket

For this project you need craft sticks, glue, string and play doh. Busy helped me glue the sticks together making four sides to the basket. Once the glue dried, we tied the four sides together. Then she made apples with play doh and pretended to pick them from the tree outside and put them in her basket. We did not have a bottom to the basket, but you could easily make one and tie it on the bottom. 

Q-tip Painting

I used to do this when I was teaching. I drew a picture of an apple tree and set out paint and q-tips. We have done dot painting before so Busy knows the difference between dot painting and brush painting. The first time we dot painted, I demonstrated the difference between brushing and dotting. She started with the green leaves then moved on to the trunk and finally painted the apples. She was very proud of the result, and so was I :) For a little something extra I asked her how many apples she could count. 

She wasn't happy with the way her first two 1s looked. She said they were too "crooked." Apparently the third one was better. 

She did this tree at school. She called it "Fall Leaves and an Apple."

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