Monday, September 10, 2012

Week in Review (a day late)

This week was a busy week. It started with a holiday Monday which made for a short week of fun. I started an art class on Tuesday night and on Wednesday Beans started back to Parents Day Out IN THE TODDLER ROOM!!! Yes, you read that right. TODDLER ROOM!!! He is just barely 9 months old and is already a toddler?! When I took him in on Wednesday he was immediately scooped up by his teacher, Ms. Stacy, who was with him in the baby room this summer. When I picked him up, he had taken no nap because of all that was going on, but was playing happily on the floor with all of the new toys. Thursday Busy was picked up from school by a new babysitter. Busy told me that morning that she wanted Lindsay to pick her up, not me, because she wanted to show her how to get home by herself. Alrighty then. Finally, this weekend the pool closed (but not Nana's and Baba's!), Busy had soccer, we went to Henry's Ark and to the neighbor's house for some Sunday fun day :) Here are some pictures to show a little of what we did.

Yo Baby Yogurt is his FAVORITE thing to eat for breakfast!

On our morning walk

my attempt to start a ballerina painting for Busy

Beans' first day in the big kid room at PDO

some rain dancing (in a leotard and Halloween jammie bottoms)

Busy's letter to her family (M, T, P, D and B)

Her new favorite socks that Aunt Mandy made for her :)

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