Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week in Review

I have now realized that in order to recap our week, I am going to have to start keeping notes! It's Sunday and I have already forgotten what we ate for breakfast, much less what we did last Monday! I do know that we had another busy week of gymnastics, ballet, school, Nana's and Baba's house, soccer and some jug band fun. It's starting to get dark earlier which means fall is setting in :) Beans is drooling more than Hooch and has been a little sticky with the case of the "mommy hold me's" the last few days, and Busy has started a lovely new 3 year old thing...pouting. Uuugghh. I thought I didn't like whining, I really don't like pouting! Other than some sad news that I can't put into words quite yet, we had a pretty good week. Here it is in pictures :)

Helping me give Bentley a bath

Kick it! 

Beansie's first popsicle

Dinner at Sato Zen with Daddy

His first sink bath

Parent's night revealed that she doesn't like going to Kroger!

Fun at the Jug Band Jubilee!!!

Dancing at the Jug Band Jubilee :)

No teeth yet, although the drool is out of control. 

Our new camel friend at Henry's Ark

Seriously, the cutest baby in the world!!!

More dancing

Catching up on some reading :)

And she's off to save the world...

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