Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week in Review

This week was full of some fun things, and it all started with babies in a box...

Our first music class at Shine Louisville
Beans was mesmerized

Uncle Daniel and Aunt Karyn were in town to celebrate Uncle Daniel's birthday. We had dinner at Jack Fry's (Busy called it "Fancy Dinner.")

Saturday we went to Huber's Farm to play and pick pumpkins!!! 

Archery with Daddy

family fun :)

She is concentrating so hard trying to actually start the tractor.
She rode Silver last year, too. 

Fall weather is the best!

And after only a day of pushing this around...

This is what the Beans decided he was ready to do...

*Note to self, all videos must be taken in landscape mode. Apparently you can't rotate a video.

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