Monday, September 24, 2012

Word Work

Busy has always loved learning! She loves a challenge, so the teacher in me takes advantage of that. I bought some books that starts to introduce sight words and she loves to read them! After reading the book to her and with her, we take the sight words from that book and put them on her word wall. As an extension, we do some word work together to reinforce the words she is reading. She gets stickers on her A+ for Hard Work card when she puts forth an effort and when she reads the book by herself she colors in shapes to complete a picture. The program is Innovative Kids: Now I'm Reading and I am really liking it. We are on the pre-reader program called Word Play.

The extension activity I made was really easy. I collected tops of bottles and milk cartons and wrote the letters to spell out the sight words. I then wrote the word on snack size zip lock bags and put the matching tops inside. She uses the bag to see how the word is spelled and matches the letters to make the word. 

The trick is to teach that you only work on one bag at a time. That way the tops don't get mixed up.

This is another literacy activity that we do together. She picks the letter she wants to work on and we cut pictures and words out of magazines that start with that letter. We tape the letter pages to the closet doors in the family room. 

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