Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Baby Signs

We started signing with Busy when she was a few months old. We started with the basics like change, more, milk, drink and eat. I would also sign things that she liked; bird, light, fan and fish. Her first sign was light (her first word was dog). She got the hang of things quickly and by 9 months old was signing all of them with ease and in the right context.

We did the same thing with the Beans starting with the basics and things he likes; everything! He loves for me to sign what things are. He will look at my mouth then directly at my hands as if to hear the word said then to see it signed. He will now sign more, milk and change and is almost there with please and thank you. But with only the basics committed to heart, I decided to arm myself with more. I fished my sign book out of the baby book box and got to work. I love this book but some of the pictures and directions are hard to decipher. "Careful" for example in the book looks like this:

I couldn't figure out which way to rotate my hands. And although it really doesn't matter if I'm right or wrong, I wanted to do it correctly.

So in this age of technology, I decided to search for an app that could help me, and what I found was a little overwhelming! These are a few of the ones I looked at and what they have to offer.
Baby Sign and Learn has cartoon babies show the sign which is sometimes hard to really see. It has a 'lite' version that is super lite with only a hand full of signs. 

Smart Hands has a good layout with a real person doing the signs. She explains what to do with your hands and how to move them when necessary. There is also a 'favorites' tab where you can store your favorite signs to refer to quickly. 

This one is also good and it came down to it and Smart Hands. The video is good and easy to understand. It claims to have been hand picked by Apple to be displayed in their retail stores.

This is another cartoon version which I don't really care for. 

In the end I decided to go with Smart Hands. I like the real person showing me how to do the sign and I like the layout of the app. It is on the higher price end at $4.99, but I think it is well worth it. Busy even likes looking at the videos and learning new signs :) So bottom line, it really is personal preference but if my opinion counts, I like Smart Hands.

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