Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Sun Catcher

Today is a beautiful fall day, so this afternoon we went on a family leaf collecting adventure! We walked around the block and gathered red, green, brown, yellow and purple leaves. We also picked up some purple mini berry looking weeds and a few sticks :)
After our walk we spread all of our findings out on the table. I had cut out the center of two paper plates and contact paper in the shapes of circles using the plates as a stencil for size. I put one of the contact paper circles on the table sticky side up and Busy put her leaves and such all over. I put the other circle on top to seal in the collection. We glued the contact paper in between the two paper plates. (I found it worked best to glue it with the plates back to back as opposed to front to back or front to front). We put a piece of yarn around it (in the groove) and hung it in the window. Doesn't it look beautiful?! 

Thank you to The Artful Parent for the great idea! 

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