Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kandinsky and Oil Pastels

I have noticed recently that Busy likes drawing circles. Big ones and small ones of all different colors using all different kinds of writing tools. Yesterday as she was drawing I was taken back to an art history class that I took in college. I remember doing a study on abstract artists and I was hit with an idea to try an artist study with my 3 year old daughter. Wassily Kandinsky was the name of the artist that I remember from that class that created a piece called 'Concentric Circles' that reminds me of some of the circles that Busy has been drawing. I did some looking around at some of my favorite mom blogs and found that some of these moms have done this exact study already but it seams that they all have older kids. No matter, I know she can do this!

I started by sitting on the floor together and beginning what we call a "family conversation." I asked her "do you know what an artist does?" "Yes, an artist paints pictures, or draws them." We then discussed some art that artists might draw or paint. Then I showed her a picture on the computer of 'Concentric Circles' and we talked about what shapes and colors she saw. I told her the name of the artist and a little bit about him. At the table I set out some paper and oil pastels and we did a quick reminder lesson about the differences and similarities between crayons and pastels. I gave her a halved piece of paper and we got to work on making our version of Kandinsky's circles.

 This is the reminder lesson comparing oil pastels and crayons. The pastels "smudge better and the crayons won't rub off if you fold the paper." 

We also talked about how Kandinsky put his circles inside of other circles then colored a background on the pictures. After each picture she made, we talked a little about it and how it was similar and different to 'Concentric Circles.' 

You can see how her pictures evolved as we discussed each one. (The one on the far right is mine.)

We glued the pictures on a larger piece of paper and hung it in her art gallery for all to see :)

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