Friday, October 26, 2012

Number Rubbings

Today is a math day! Busy woke up this morning and immediately we began counting. We counted how many steps it took to get to the bathroom, we counted how many jumps it took to get to the living room, we counted the cereal pieces as they went in the bowl (up to 20, then we just dumped them in), and we counted the number of dance outfits she has hanging in the playroom. We spent all morning counting anything that can be counted as we went about our business. Then when Beans went down for his nap, Busy and I sat down for a math activity.

I did the first one to show Busy that the lighter she colored back and forth, the better the number would show up and explained that because the number was raised, when the crayon hit the "bump" it naturally made a darker line.

Hers were a little harder to see, but she was very proud of her success! She tried coloring hard on some numbers just to see if I was right :) And I was.

After she was finished with all of the number rubbings, we talked about each of the numbers and what those numbers could represent. For example, she thinks there are 7 giraffes at the zoo, she has 1 brother, she has 20 freckles and so on.

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