Friday, October 26, 2012

On A Rainy Day

Today has been a very rainy day :( Usually I welcome rain, but today it was cold too. I had planned on running some errands with the kids in tow after Beansie woke up from his morning nap, but the rain kind of put a damper on that idea. There's not much worse than getting in and out of the car with two small kids in the rain! So we hung out at the house... the entire day. By noon, it was time to pull out my bag of tricks, new and old. Here are some of the things we did...

Spaghetti Bath

A while back I bought a few packages of spaghetti at the dollar store for this very activity. I had just never gotten around to actually doing it. 

1. Cook spaghetti 
2. I colored some of the noodles with food coloring.
3. Put on swimsuits (we did this not only for picture purposes, but also so the noodles didn't get into, um, crevices. 
4. Get in the tub and dump noodles in as well!!! 

Yum! It makes a nice snack too, apparently.

Beansie absolutely did not like the sensation of a noodle bath! Poor thing.
So he sat beside the tub playing with water in a bowl (one of his favorite things to do).

Clean up was a bit tedious, but well worth it. Busy really enjoyed it! 

Ice Diving

Ice diving is something that we have done before. It doesn't last long in a warm bath, but is still a lot of fun! And we were in the tub already anyway so...

You have to have thought of this one ahead of time.

1. Make ice the old fashion way: water in an ice cube tray (with food coloring).
2. Dump ice in the bath and "dive" for it. Busy tries to catch it with her mouth and the Beans uses his hands. 
*You can make all colors or just make one. It's also fun to make red and yellow cubes and have the water turn orange or red and blue so the water turns purple... you get the picture. 

Fizzle Pumpkins

This last one was awesome! I got the idea here. We have made an erupting volcano a bunch of times, so it was nice to use baking soda and vinegar for something else for a change. 

1. Mix your paint with baking soda in bowls. It takes about three parts baking soda to every one part of tempura paint. Your paint should have a lot of baking soda in it, but still be liquidy enough to paint onto a surface. You don't want it to be clumpy or powdery.
2. Cover your pumpkin with lots of colorful paint.
3. Once the pumpkin is painted, put it in a shallow dish and use a straw to transfer some vinegar from a bowl and squirt it onto your pumpkin.
4. The paint should fizzle and bubble where you squirt the vinegar as it reacts with the baking soda paint.  
5. Once the fizzing has stopped, you can add more paint to your pumpkin and then squirt on more vinegar.
6. Once your pumpkin is sufficiently covered with paint and vinegar and it stops fizzling, put it somewhere to dry.

This is what ours looked like once dry.

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