Thursday, October 11, 2012

Painting with Dot Stickers (Negative Space)

Today we decided to do some painting, only this time we did it a little differently. We started out by putting dot stickers on paper. 

I let Busy pick the 4 paint colors she wanted to use for this project then explained that we were going to paint on top of the dots. I asked her what she thought would happen and she said "The paint will cover them up so we can't see them anymore." So, she painted....

Side note: I use this paint 1) when we aren't using a lot of paint and 2) when I need the paint to dry fast. It's $1 (not cheap for the amount you get) but sometimes patience is not in the cards for a 3 year old :)

While we waited for the paint to dry we discussed how she was right about her prediction on how the paint covered the stickers. Me: "What color paper did we use for this project?" P: "White." Me: "So we put the stickers on the white paper then painted on top of the paper and stickers. When we peel the stickers off of the paper, what color do you think will be under the stickers?" She looked at the paper for a minute so I asked about the color of the paper we started with. She said "White. Oh! It will be white under the sticker!" Me: "What color would be under the stickers if we had started with a blue piece of paper?" P: "Blue!" Smart cookie, that one :) 

Once the paint had dried I showed her how to peel off the stickers and she put them on another piece of paper. She was very excited to discover that her prediction about the color under the stickers was right! 


I took two pictures of her work because after the first one, she informed me that the bottom right picture was upside down! My bad. 

We talked briefly about negative space and what that meant - in kid terms, an empty area on the paper.

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