Friday, October 19, 2012

Shaving Cream (and Sensory Bags)

Busy came home from school today all geared up for an art project! She had made a "Big Green Monster" in class out of playdoh and scraps and was ready for some more fun. Lucky for her, I was already prepared for some fun :)

We sat down to first made Beansie's sensory bags. Busy helped me fill two bags with shaving cream. In one bag we put red food coloring and in the other we put red and blue. I sealed the bags and put on a strip of clear packing tape for extra protection against popping open under the squeeze of baby hands. Busy showed The Beans how to squish and mush the shaving cream to mix the colors in the bag. He took the other bag and in true baby boy fashion tried to pop the bag open! Good luck, mister. That is why I use packing tape and not just your run of the mill scotch tape!
She isn't too happy in the picture because she was ready to play without the bags.

While he was playing with his new sensory bags, Busy got to work with her bag-less sensory activity. She squirted the shaving cream on the tray. (The same tray we use for a lot of our art projects. It contains mess quite well.) After she played with the cream for a bit, I started adding food colors one at a time and used craft sticks and a paint brush to play as well. It got messy and she had a blast!

She used her fingers and craft sticks to write letters

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