Monday, October 8, 2012

Shrimp Saganaki

I don't usually blog about recipes unless it's a kid friendly recipe, but this one surprised me! Let me start by saying that I make one dinner for the whole family (including now my 10 month old). If we are going out for dinner without the kids, I will then make a kid meal for them to eat. I got this recipe from Closet Cooking by way of Pinterest and made it tonight as a complete experiment.  Busy wanted to help in the kitchen, and as we were putting the ingredients together, she mentioned that she couldn't wait to eat it :) She loves shrimp, but I was a little nervous about the cheese! It calls for feta and that is typically not a kid's kind of cheese. So with fingers crossed I popped the dish in the oven and got everyone ready for dinner. We sat down, said our prayer and dug in. Busy said "This is delicious, Mommy!" And Beans said "Mmmmmmmm" as he shoved shrimp in his mouth (although honestly, that isn't much of a compliment from him because the little man will put away most of what you put in front of him :).

To say the least, this dish was a huge hit! When daddy got home there was enough for him to finish but when I got home from class, he said that as he sat down to eat a quick dinner Busy sat with him and ate his share! Poor daddy had to settle for a PB&J :(

*Note - the recipe on the Closet Cooking blog makes one appetizer sized portion. I multiplied everything by 4 to make a meal for the 4 of us, and it wasn't quite enough.

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