Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week in Review

It was another good week for Team Amin :) It started out really rainy and end ended up absolutely beautiful! We spent a rainy day watching a movie with our friends/neighbors. Daddy got home from a business trip on Wednesday and instead of going in to work, decided to come home and hang out with us for the afternoon! He even went to music class with us. We started decorating for Halloween, were busy with some art projects and spent almost the entire day outside today. Here is this week in review through pictures.
rainy day = movie day

hello my love
Good morning sunshine. He decided to sleep late this day (8am)

spooky spider webs

This was our 3rd walk of the day, our leaf collecting walk.

Seriously, he could not be any cuter! (or sweeter, btw)

We hope your week was as awesome as ours! Happy Fall.

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