Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week in Review

Well, it's official. The Beans is a walker. The I-need-to-buy-his-first-pair-of-shoes walker. The only time he crawls now is when he is on uneven ground and can't quite maneuver over the small bumps (like at the farm). Otherwise, he walks. It's so bittersweet. I am so proud and at the same time I am sad because he is growing up so fast!

Okay, okay. Back on track with this week in review.

With fall in full force around here, we played outside a lot. We played with friends, got flu shots, went to the KCD football game alumni tailgate, went to the Foxhollow Farm fall festival, Busy went to a birthday party and Sunday we all went to the Chance School fall festival. It was a very busy week and weekend,  so here it is in pictures...

Outside on a beautiful fall day

playing with his friend, Duncan.

It was a chilly day.

A double dose of flu shots that obviously affected one more than the other.

KCD alumni tailgate 

"I love you, brother!"

I love you, sister! 

After putting Beansie to bed, I walked into Busy's room and found this :) She was drawing a picture for me called "Moon and Space with Preston and Mommy."

This was on the way to Foxhollow's fall festival! She was exhausted before we even got there.

Bungee bouncing

Dancing at the Chance fall festival 

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