Thursday, October 4, 2012

What's that smell?

I walked in the house this morning after taking Busy to school and I was horrified of the baby smell creeping up my nose! I don't mean the oh so sweet baby shampoo, baby powder or just overall yumminess that accompanies a bitty baby. Nooooo. I mean the nose pinching, gagging and overall grossness that accompanies a giant poop. The baby was all clear so I checked the diaper pail. It wasn't coming from there either. My next thought was to blame the dog, naturally. Now you have to understand that Bentley has a very big poker tell that gives him away when he has done something naughty. He hangs his head and sulks out of the room before you even get a chance to scold him. I digress. I asked him what he did in my "teacher" voice and he just stood there with his head cocked to the side looking at me as if to ask "What smell?" After about 15 minutes of searching for the source of said stinky, I finally found the culprit. Wait for it.... A  2 DAY OLD DIRTY DIAPER! I found it in a bag that I had used on Tuesday. I had changed Beansie's diaper in the car at ballet and put the diaper in my bag so the car wouldn't stink when I inevitably left it there. Good thinking, right? Yes, except that I left it in my bag! Geesh!

So now what to do about the smell wafting through my house? Search Pinterest, of course! I remembered that I had pinned something a while back that could help me with my problem.

I put 2 caps of vanilla extract in a coffee cup and put it in the oven at 350 degrees for about an hour. I left it in for a little less so as not to overwhelm our sense of smell. It can get a little strong. So, problem solved! Thanks, Pinterest.

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