Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Marshmallow Snowman

We are really on a roll with the winter activities this week! This morning I decided to purge some stale marshmallows and let Busy make a snowman. I got the idea here. And just so you know, a 3 year old who likes all things sweet doesn't care if the marshmallows are stale. She still ate a few :)

What you need:
blue construction paper
small marshmallows
2 skinny pretzel sticks
markers or glitter glue
googly eyes
white paint

I drew a snowman with a marker first, then traced it with white glue and showed Busy how to put on the marshmallows standing up. 

This is a great art activity to help with fine motor skills. There is a visible line to follow and she is picking up the small marshmallows and putting them on the paper on the line of glue. 

Once all of the marshmallows are on the paper in the snowman shape, glue the pretzels on as arms. 

Then dip a marshmallow in the white paint and dot around the snowman to make snowflakes.

Glue on eyes, make a carrot nose and a smile. Busy wanted me to make a sparkly top hat and she made a light blue sparkly belly button ;)

After the paint dries you can add more glitter glue to the snowflakes or spritz on some spray adhesive and sprinkle some glittery snow white glitter.

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