Friday, November 16, 2012

Fine Motor Activities

Recently a good friend of mine wrote on her blog that her 3 year old son's teacher mentioned that he may need to work on his fine motor skills. Wanting to help (not being pushy, I hope) I got to thinking about all of the things we do at our house that help with fine motor development that she could use with him. With help from other blogs, we have lots of ideas. Here is a list of them along with the blogs where we got them.

                            Clothespin Color Match

                         My HomeMade Montessori

         Instead of making a box, I just used poster board and
                               drew with markers.

Clothespin Letter Match

I used to do this in my classroom to practice spelling words when I was teaching.

JDaniel4's Mom

Seeking Kingdom First

You don't have to do this with words. You can also have them trace shapes and numbers. 

Manipulating Magnets

Busy and The Beans 

After cutting, I asked Busy to help by putting the small pieces of pipe cleaners in the bottle.

Play Doh

When I was teaching, the OT used therapy putty to help develop fine motor skills. We use Play Doh and I hide either marbles or googly eyes and tell her how many she has to find. It's like a Play Doh scavenger hunt :)

Toothpick Hole Punches

Creative with Kids

Alissa does this on a foam plate. We just put the paper on the carpet and punch through. You can also have them punch through letters or numbers.

Pom Poms

Hands On : As We Grow

Jamie was doing this with a little one so I had to tweak this one a bit. We use oversized tweezers and with a dry erase marker I wrote numbers in the bottom of the muffin cups so Busy uses one-to-one to sort the poms.


The Princess and The Tot

I used narrow and wide strips. She can cut the narrow strip in one cut. The wider strip offers more of a challenge because she has to cut twice. (close then open, then close again)


ABC and 123

Again, you can use letters or numbers for extra practice.


Craft to Art

This is so much fun! You can make basic shapes like a triangle or 3D shapes like a pyramid, so they are working their fine motor skills and learning different shapes at the same time. You can also make letters or numbers. The possibilities are endless :)


Art for Little Hands

As she was stringing beads, we were also working on patterns.

Rice Bucket

This rice bucket has been in our house for a while now. What's  hidden in the rice is constantly changing. There have been colored beads to sort out, foam letters, foam numbers, googly eyes and many other things that have to found either with fingers, tweezers or chopsticks.

*The next time you are at your favorite Japanese restaurant, ask them for the children's chopsticks that are reinforced at the top. They make a great fine motor tool.


Pinching the clothespins and attaching them to the drying rack helps develop hand muscles.

There are some really great blogs out there that can offer a wide variety of activities, you just have to look. Hopefully I made it a little easier by putting some of our favorites in one place :)

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