Sunday, November 18, 2012

Let it Snow...with paint

So with all of the fall activities we have been doing lately, it's no wonder that yesterday Busy was ready to start with some winter crafts. And I'll be honest, I'm ready, too. Our first winter art project was an oldie but goodie. I remember doing this when I was a kid. We broke out the white paint and glue and created this masterpiece:

I mixed the "snow" by using equal parts white glue and shaving cream. Whip it together with a paint brush then start painting. Busy added googly eyes to make a snow monster and a pouf ball as a nose on my snowman. The cool thing about this concoction is that it dries puffy!

I got the idea for our next project here. They use a canvas, which is one thing that I don't just happen to have lying around. I do, however, have a stack of large blue construction paper, so clue construction paper it is.

Step 1: Create a snowflake using tape. I used blue painter's tape because it peels off easier.

Step 2: Using white paint, paint all over the paper. After she painted, I went back over it to make sure all of the taped snowflake was covered with paint.

Step 2: Wait for it to dry then peel off the tape to reveal your beautiful snowflake. 

When using a white canvas, you can use various shades of blue paint instead of white so when you peel off the tape it creates a white snowflake. You can also use white paper. It's cheaper than a canvas, but I must say that it looks really cute on the canvas.

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