Thursday, November 8, 2012

Poisonous Plants - Good to Know

A while back I had to call the Kentucky Poison Center when we thought there might be a chance that the Beans had gotten a hold of the dog's allergy pill. Hands down the scariest few moments of my entire life! Turns out that 1)  25 mgs of Bentley's medication is not toxic and 2)  he didn't actually eat the capsule. Phew. When the lady called back a few hours later to check on him (although I'm pretty sure she was checking on me, I was a hot mess) she asked if I wanted her to mail me some poison information along with a magnet. I said yes and when I got it all in the mail I started reading the list of potential poisons. While I consider myself a very educated mother in that I keep up to date with recent recalls, children's health information, nutritional changes and other topics that can benefit or hurt my kids, I must admit that I did not know that acorns were poisonous! I then began to wonder that if I didn't know these things, that maybe other moms didn't either. So this post is for those of us who thought we knew, but turns out we may not know it all.

This is the local KY number and the national 1-800 number.

On the list of poisonous plants are some that I have never heard of and some, like acorns and azaleas, that I didn't know were poisonous.

There is also a list of non-poisonous plants (It's good to know that the tiny strawberries in my yard aren't poisonous) and a "what to do" in case of a poison emergency on the pamphlet they sent me.

The ASPCA also has a list here of poisonous and non-poisonous plants that effect our four legged friends.

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