Saturday, November 3, 2012

Week in Review - Halloween Edition

The Halloween parties started about a week before Halloween this year, and including parties a school, I think they wore their costumes 5 times! Busy decided last minute that she wanted costume on actual Halloween night to be a pumpkin. So this year she was a ghost, a skeleton and a pumpkin. We sure do like the classics around here :)

The neighbor's spooky yard. This is really creepy!

The Annual Halloween Parade at John and Lucy's house (with Wip)

Yummy caramel apple! She mostly ate the caramel and left the apple.

pumpkin carving

"Ow!" It means wow!

Busy giving the Beans a little sisterly advice :)

He thought the alien was pretty cool! "Ow!"

With Wip (and D) after grilled cheese sandwiches ready to go!
She was off and running

A rare picture with me not behind the camera. Thanks, Mo.
After watching his sister and friends at the first few houses, he had figured out what was going on :)


...and yet another house

Me: "Why do you have two suckers in your mouth at the same time?" Busy: "I couldn't make up my mind which one I wanted to eat first." Fair enough.

Sharing Nerds with Lexie, the dog, at our last stop of the night.

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  1. LOVE your Halloween pictures and your kiddoes :) And the multiple sucker pictures make me feel better about all the candy Knox has been eating.