Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week in Review - The Sick Day Edition

So this week was full of the usual art projects, walks, gymnastics, ballet and school, and the (thankfully) unusual sick days. It started Monday with the Beans. He had a double ear infection and just felt really crummy until Wednesday morning. He had done a bunch of sleeping for 2 straight days and finally seemed to be back to his happy self. Then came Saturday morning when I woke up feeling terrible. We went on a family walk and Busy played in the leaves with Daddy, but by 10 am I was back in bed. The aches and pains were miserable and my head was pounding. After some Advil I was able to sleep off and on. Thank God for Omar! He took the kids to the park after naps, to dinner, gave them baths and put them to bed. This morning the aches and pains are gone but have been replaced with weakness and fatigue. So leave it to Super Dad to take over again. I could hear them making "dinner" and playing lions and I tried desperately to get up to join in the giggly fun, but my body made it impossible :( So as they are off to Nana's and Baba's house to play and eat smoothies, I am laying here in bed wishing and praying to feel better. Because I don't have time to be sick, no mom does! And with all that said, here is this week in review - the sick day edition.
Poor little sick baby :(

Some daddy lovin'
Sharing a pear

They made up a new game called "Slip and Slide"

Spaghetti Night
messy boy 
Friday night was movie night - Shark Boy and Lava Girl 

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