Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Birthday for The Beans

Well, even with all of the tears and wishes that time would simply stand still for a while, his birthday still managed to come along. It started with the best smile and the longest hug from the birthday boy :) It was as if he knew that I needed a little extra loving that morning. We took sister to school then played some big boy games. He decided that because it was his birthday, he just didn't have to take his morning nap :p We picked up Busy early so she could go to lunch with us and Daddy, too!

He loves playing in boxes...
...and climbing on them. 

He started the day with presents! His very first birthday gift was from his Uncle Daniel and Aunt Karyn.

Bentley and the Beans trying to figure out
what to do with the wrapped box :)

Surfing on boxes is becoming a theme around here.

After their afternoon naps, some friends came over for a play group party with a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme.

These were the invitations :) I found this idea at Pottery Barn Kids and hand delivered them.

Then ordered the party favors from Amazon.

I headed to Hobby Lobby to get visors and made the favors for the "big kids" at the party.

Busy helped make the decorations, art project style, of course.

We ate everything that the hungry caterpillar ate! 

Mini Coop already had her ice cream, but that didn't
keep her from eyeing his frozen yogurt pop!
Sweet Duncan made sure the birthday boy got some hugs :) And the Beans tried his best to steal a kiss from his friend, Lucy, with no such luck :(


Everyone enjoyed the Tang, especially Duncan (and Anna). Apparently CC didn't want her picture taken.
Thanks Beth for taking this picture!

So after a great day, I sat down to reflect on how amazing the past year has been with this little man in my life. He is kind and loving, and there could not be a more perfect soul added to our family. I thank God every night for both of my beautiful, healthy babies and could not imagine my life without either of them. So, now that the tears have subsided, I look forward to the next year of our lives with the most amazing little boy a momma, daddy and sister could ask for. I love you, Beansie :)

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