Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Another Snowman

On our way home from Nashville this past weekend, we stopped at Cracker Barrel to stretch our legs and play with toys. While Busy was playing with some Monster Trucks, the Beans and I found what I thought was an easy and cool independent activity for Busy to do.

Well, we opened it up this afternoon to try it out and it was a total bust! The putty was as hard as a rock and didn't get better as we warmed it in our hands like it said it would. I was about to throw away the entire box when I realized Busy was playing with the snowman parts. So I chucked the putty and pulled out some white clay. She made two rolls for the snowman body and one for the head and put the  snowman parts on, too. 

So all in all it wan't a total bust.

And we made a wacky snowman, too :)

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