Monday, December 10, 2012

Clean Painting - Installment two

Back in February I posted about an activity called clean painting that Busy enjoyed. I'm not gonna lie, she prefers messy painting (so do I), but with a 1 year old who is still learning to keep things on his tray, messy painting is not always the best choice. And lately he has wanted to do some of his own art projects like a big boy. So this afternoon I decided to try out some clean painting.

I squeezed a little blue and yellow paint into a zip lock baggie and sealed it shut. I would suggest using the freezer bag kind simply because it's thicker and less likely to tear as little fingers drag across the bag.

Then I taped the bag to the table.

I showed Beansie how to smush the paint all around the bag to mix the colors.

This is a great sensory and fine motor activity for little hands and fingers.

Busy wanted to show him how to do it so I made her one, too.

Then he got either really excited about painting or really perturbed that the paint wouldn't come out of the baggie. Either way, it was fun! :)

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