Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIY Christmas Gift Tags

So, I decided to tackle making my own Christmas tags this year for a more personal touch and I must say I love them! I found the idea for the snowman here and I tweaked it a little.

What you need:
wax paper
white glue
sharpie marker
white paint
hole punch and ribbon
embellishments (optional) 

What to do:
1. Using white glue, make an outline of a snowman
then fill it in with glue.
2. If using glitter and such, add it now while the glue is wet.
*When it was about half way dry, I put more glue on the snowman to make it thicker.
3. Once dry, peel the snowman off the wax paper. 

*My snowman dried completely clear so I had to add
an extra step here.
4. Paint the back of the snowman with white paint and let dry.
5. Punch a hole, write on it and string it to the gift.

The next tag I made started out as a completely different idea. Busy was making this as a tree ornament when I came up with the idea using it as a gift tag, too. I had green craft sticks but if you don't, you can use regular ones and use green markers. 
1. Glue the sticks together in a triangle
2. glue pom poms on the sticks as ornaments
3. cut out a trunk from brown card stock
4. Write on the tree To: and From:
5. Tie it to the ribbon with a bow :)

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