Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Marble Painted Tree Ornaments

I was asked by the director of The Beans' parent's day out if I would do an activity with the older toddler class for the holidays. Seeing that I was the one who brought up the fact that the older kids could and should be doing things in the classroom other than playing all day, I said yes. I saw a bunch of ideas on Pinterest, of course, that involved marble painting in a tin foil tub with paper. I decided to modify it a bit since I was going to be working with almost 2 year olds, so instead of using a foil tub I used a smaller shallow rubbermaid container (like the ones used for leftovers) and stringing beads instead of marbles.

I started by reading a Christmas tree book and asked them about their Christmas tees at home. I showed them the tree that Busy made as an example of what theirs was going to look like when they got finished. They each got a turn and some were very eager to help the others who were a bit more shy about participating :)

Cut out a tree using just plain ole white paper and put it in the shaking container. Dip the beads in paint,  place on the tree and close the lid tightly.

Joe loved dipping the beads in the paint,
which is great fine motor practice!


Check to make sure the paint is marbled all over the tree. If not, you can dip the beads in the paint again and repeat. 

After it dries (which is about 5 minutes or so), hole punch and string a piece of yarn through it and..

Voila! A marbled Christmas tree ornament. 

Busy shake, shake, shaking to create the example ornament :)